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About Us

Unitru's Mission

To help international and out-of-state students find their university match through virtual consultations and tours given by current and recent university students. Our goal is not to sell you on joining their university, it's to give you their honest perspective of their experience.


Our story

Our story began when UniTru Co-founder, Eric, found himself answering questions from families visiting Penn State. Despite having gone on the Penn State sponsored tour, they were still left with unanswered questions. After talking to these families, Eric realized that universities weren't doing enough to provide applicants with the information they needed.

Eric met our other co-founder, Jordan, an international student from Senegal and Dubai who had dealt with the same problem. Jordan, like many international students, was not able to visit the university in person.

UniTru was created to offer virtual live and pre-recorded tours that make information accessible to anyone, whether they can access the universities' campus or not.

Unitru Community

Today, we're proud to continue that mission by providing comprehensive, unfiltered, personalized tours that go beyond the typical campus visit. Our team of expert tour guides (all current students) ensure that you get the answers you need to make the right decision for your education. We also aren’t, and will never, partner with any university in order to ensure that we are always providing unbiased information. Join us on a UniTru and discover your perfect university fit.

Meet our team

Eric Olah-Reiken
CEO & Co-Founder
Jordan Dikoum
COO & Co-Founder